Yes, all the data is stored in the “cloud” which means even if your POS device “blows up” all your critical business data is safe. (Unlike traditional POS where often all the data is only stored on a local computer)

In fact, many clover apps have a web version.

Of course not! Many businesses take time off during the coldest months, you can uninstall our app at anytime, and reinstall as well.

You may also be able to put your Clover account into hibernation – talk to your Clover sales rep for details.

Just email us at and we’ll give you what you need to add the widget to your website.

We calculate an average of that particular day of the week going back 1 year.

We can’t promise anything but we would love to hear all of you feature requests! Email us at!

That’s because you don’t have a schedule that corresponds to those sales. You can add them retroactively or send us a spreadsheet with the dates and location and we can add them for you. Just email us and we’ll be happy to help!

Not yet, but we are working on this. If you are interested in this please reach out:


The hardware we use was specifically designed for mobile point of sale and was developed with security being the top priority. Unlike Square which uses consumer hardware and operating systems that can have any app installed, our POS system uses a “locked down” version of Android so that unauthorized apps cannot be installed on the same device.

Plus, you can only use secure 3G or secure Wifi so that the device cannot be comprised on a local network.

And we support EMV, the new “chip cards” that are dipped instead of swiped which is a much more secure form of payment.


We devoted an entire page to this. See our Food on a Truck vs Square page!