It’s no secret how important customer feedback is to food businesses. In general, when we think of customer feedback we think of the reviews people write on websites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google.

If you’re a business owner, you also know that those websites tend to attract two types of customers: your diehard fans and the one person who had a below average experience and is geared up to write a diatribe for their 1,000 local followers. But what about all of the people in between who you never hear from? Clover-Customer-Survey-Overall

These customers are your “silent majority”. They are the people who could eat at your food truck daily without ever telling you how awesome you are. They are the people who stop by once, who didn’t have a great experience, and will pass you over the next time without giving you the chance to fix the perceived error.


But if you could harness the opinions of your silent majority more effectively, you would actually wind up making better adjustments to your business instead of relying solely on people who think you’re totally awesome or those who think no one should visit your truck ever again.

By using Food on a Truck, you will be able to get customer feedback as soon as customers are emailed their receipt. This gives you the chance to grab customers – and their feedback – before they get to Yelp. When customers feel heard, they often feel better. Giving them the ability to share instantaneous feedback directly to you will make them less likely to take their complaint to a public forum. It also gives you the opportunity to privately respond to more serious negative feedback and create a relationship with a customer who may return if you can satisfactorily respond to their perceived sleight.

customer survey receipt

Printed receipt from Customer Survey, part of the Food on a Truck app package

Having more frequent customer feedback from a wider variety of your customer base also gives you the chance to educate your customers in the specific ways your customer base has asked to be educated: Are they having trouble finding you? Are you not explaining your dishes well enough? Is your truck just not a good fit for certain neighborhoods? These are questions you can answer if suddenly your “silent majority” starts to let you know they wish they had known your signature sandwich contained mayo.

Being clued in to what customers like, and more importantly, don’t like about your business can help you make a variety of decisions as a food truck. This customer feedback can help you more quickly decide:

  • If a hiring decision is working out
  • If the quality of a new meal is up to par
  • If they felt like they were waiting too long

The examples of the way this instant feedback can help you calibrate your business model are endless, but the clear positive effects of it are invaluable.


How has feedback helped you improve your business? Let us know on Twitter @FoodOnATruck