There’s nothing we hate to hear more than something happening to anyone in the mobile food industry. While food truck fires and explosions have occurred before, they are extremely rare.

Yesterday the odds where apparently against us as we learned of two major food truck incidents in a single day.

The first was at the White House – a food truck caught fire and caused the White House to go under lock down.  Reports were that there was a loud bang.  President Obama’s plans were temporary disrupted as he was about to leave on a trip.

Here’s some video of the incident:

The 2nd explosion not only destroyed the food truck Motley Crews, but also severely damage the owners’ home and several of the neighbors home as well. In this incident there was also a loud bang reported.

Here are a couple of tweets on the incident:

We can’t imagine the anguish of losing both your home and business in an instant.  A Go Fund Me page has already been setup and people are generously donating using this link:

At the time of writing over 5,000 has already been raise. Please join us in donating, every little bit helps.

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