We admittedly aren’t the first to use the hashtag #foodtruckfriday, but yesterday we had a blast promoting its use on the internet. We started with this tweet which was quickly retweeted and embraced by the food truck community.

Why #foodtruckfriday? Here’s our reasoning:

hashtag1. It just rolls off the tongue and has great “stickiness”. People will remember it.

2. For new customers it’s a little reason for them to try grabbing lunch from a local food truck for the first time. Sometime people just need a slight nudge to try something new.

3. So many customers have their own social media following, it’s a great way for customers to share the food truck experience with a solid hashtag.

4. For many customers and especially 9-5ers, fridays are perfect to take a longer lunch than usual. It’s so close to the weekend, people are more apt to try something new.

5. The more the entire food truck community embraces this hashtag, the more the community can grow as a whole.

Even though most people are just familiar with #throwbackthursday (#tbt for short), there are many more weekday themed hashtags. The important point is that the concept has been embraced by the internet for a long time…..well as far as internet standards, since 2011 or so.


Because people are familiar with the weekday hashtag concept it will be easy for them to consume and embrace it. This survey by Mobile Cuisine shows Monday as being the most busy day for food trucks. We potentially could make friday the biggest day. But more importantly it will help spread awareness which will help food trucks beyond just fridays.

Because as most of us already know, once a customer has fantastic food truck experience they will be back again and again regardless of what day it is!

What do you think about #foodtruckfriday? If you are a food truck, what’s your busiest day of the week?

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