I’m the former owner of The Night Truck, a late night-food truck that served college campuses; we used Square to process our payments. I am the newest member of the Food on a Truck team, and I wanted to introduce myself.

Food Service is hard work, and in a truck it is many times harder. Over the 5 years that I ran The Night Truck, I learned 4 major lessons on how to succeed:

  1. SAVING TIME HELPS THE BOTTOM LINE Implement Tech Solutions that save time and money
  2. Accept Cards, Phones and Chips – when it is easier to pay, customers pay more
  3. Communicate, communicate, communicate with customers and prospects
  4. Understand your Finances

Mobile POS is changing rapidly.

I was one of the first 50 businesses to sign up for Square for payment processing in 2010. Now the industry has been flipped on its head again with Apple Pay, Chip Readers, and tailored services (online ordering systems, loyalty programs, ticket printers, you name it). Square is passe. Getting ahead means understanding and implementing the best new technology. We stand ready to help you do that.

I hope you’ll be one of the first 50 to sign up for Food on a Truck and join us in revolutionizing POS systems for food trucks. Please, if you’re interested in exchanging ideas, or learning more about whether Food on a Truck is a good product for your company, contact me to discuss. We can make it quick to suit your busy schedule.


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