meerkatJust a few days ago an app launched and has taken the internet by storm.

It’s called Meerkat – and it allows you to easily stream video to your twitter followers. Is this an app that the mobile food industry could utilize to engage customers and drive them to their food truck or food cart?

Twitter has already been HUGE for food trucks – in fact it’s often included in the definition of the modern food truck.  And Meerkat is really just an extension of twitter – you install the app and then you can create a live video stream that gets tweeted out to all of your followers.

Your followers can then view the video on the web, or in the meerkat app itself if they have it installed.
meerkatMany food trucks are already social media pros and use Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, Vine, Pinterest, and other apps. But those allow photos or video….what’s so different and game-changing with Meerkat is that the video is LIVE.

Sports fans don’t want to watch the big game after it’s happened – they want to see it live. It’s exciting and if you show your customers that you are near them over a live stream it could really increase excitement. You can show them video of your food and encourage them to come out in a way that’s just more provoking than just tweeting a message or photo.

Plus you could set up a stream and leave it on as you prep for your lunch shift – the app is really easy to use.

Like any other app, it will take some time for this to catch out – but we really think this could be a useful app for food trucks to help promote themselves and really get customers excited about coming out and visiting your truck.

What do you think?

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