There is a lot to consider when starting a food truck, more so if you want to do it with your spouse. There are advantages in running a business with your spouse but there are also disadvantages that can affect the success of your business and your relationship.

Here is a list of pros and cons that you can weigh to see if starting a mobile food business can work for you and your other half.


  • 3800467037_1c0bf2ee3c_nSave money. Working together means you don’t have to spend on hiring another set of hands, at least in the beginning. Because your spouse know that the business revenue will benefit your family, he or she will most likely work for free.
  • Quality time. Unlike couples with separate jobs, you get to spend more time with your beloved working together and this can even strengthen your relationship. Even if you get busy with work, your partner will understand and see what occupies your time because both of you are involved in it.
  • Better communication. Being a couple, you know each other; your mindsets, moods, and motivations. Using this knowledge, you can plan and design a system for your business, saving time and eliminating stress.
  • Emotionally invested. Having your spouse as a business partner means you are working with someone you know is passionate for the food truck. He or she will be the most dedicated co-worker you will ever have.

Cons:Food Trucks

  • Too much time together can get smothering. Working and living together day-in and day-out can get overwhelming. Remember the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”
  • Business problems spill-over. Both of you will not always see eye to eye. You might not agreed on how to achieve the same goal. If disagreements are left unchecked, these business tensions can adversely affect your relationship and food truck business.
  • All your eggs in one basket. Working together in a single business can be risky. If your food truck experience a lean month or if the business does not work out, not having an alternative source of income can become an issue for your family.

Starting a food truck with a partner, be it a friend, an investor, or your spouse, has risks and rewards. Plan your business, debate the pros and cons, and see which path will take your food truck dreams to success.

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